The business to be in – in Abu Dhabi

This blog was originally posted in July 2012 What do they say about mad dogs and Englishmen?  Well a few days ago I decided to take a short stroll from my hotel in Abu Dhabi, the Holiday Inn, down to Mushriff Mall. This is about a 30 minute walk along a straight road. I leftContinue reading “The business to be in – in Abu Dhabi”

Travelling in Al Ain, UAE

This blog was originally posted in February 2012 Despite the fact that Abu Dhabi is one of the hottest places in the world it is surprising how green and lush the city and surrounding areas are.  This is in no doubt due to the extensive system of pipes and sprinklers that spray recycled or desalinatedContinue reading “Travelling in Al Ain, UAE”

Bratton – the return of the Chosen One?

This blog was originally posted in December 2013 I read today that former Commissioner of the New York Police, Bill Bratton,  is to return and take up his old role once again.  Bratton is associated with a highly politicised term in office, often falling out with Mayor Guiliani during a period where there was aContinue reading “Bratton – the return of the Chosen One?”

Are you telling or listening to your community?

The following blog was published in July 2013 and was written in collaboration with Susan Ritchie and is based upon the work that we have been doing in relation to enabling the police to ‘listen’ to communities.  Further blogs are available to view at  I encourage you to take a read. The last fewContinue reading “Are you telling or listening to your community?”

Police/Community Engagement – It’s time to get it right

Originally posted February 2014 The last few weeks can, at best, be described as ‘difficult’ for the police.  Issues such as the Metropolitan Police (and the IPCC) apologising to the family of Mark Duggan, the Metropolitan Police (again), Lord Stevens and Chief HMIC admitting to crime figures being ‘fiddled’ and Tom Winsor (again) alleging in The TimesContinue reading “Police/Community Engagement – It’s time to get it right”

Finding the balance: falling police numbers

Originally published in August 2013 This blog follows a Twitter exchange with Kent and Dyfed Powys Police Federations in relation the comments yesterday about the reduction in police numbers. The two key comments were: Kent Police federation –  ‘We are fast becoming a “response” service with an ever-shrinking capability for proactive policing.’  And from DyfedContinue reading “Finding the balance: falling police numbers”

Women in Policing – a historical view

This blog was originally published in November 2014 When the ‘new police’ were created in 1829 there was no place for women in the workplace.  It was a masculine domain and so it remained for many years.   Pressure for the introduction of women into policing came from two angles.  First from feminist organisations as partContinue reading “Women in Policing – a historical view”

The Home Secretary v Police Federation 2014

Originally published June 2014. Social media has been pretty hot following the Home Secretary’s speech to the Police Federation conference last week. Tweets and blogs have been flying about in both in support of the Home Secretary and against her.  Interestingly, while enjoying a post cycle coffee at Eureka Cycling café (@Eureka_Cafe ) I wasContinue reading “The Home Secretary v Police Federation 2014”

Proactivity and fighting fires Cleveland Style

Originally published in June 2014 Dr Tim Brain (2013) challenges whether pro activity is sustainable during times of austerity. The point that he is making is that as public services are cut, something has to give and the opportunity to solve problems in a proactive fashion may be one of the prime candidates to hitContinue reading “Proactivity and fighting fires Cleveland Style”