Hillsborough – a personal view

This blog was originally posted in September 2012 The recently published report on the Hillsborough disaster has once again focused attention on standards of policing and the relationship with police legitimacy.  This is my story and my version of events as they unfolded and impacted on me and my team. I was a sergeant workingContinue reading “Hillsborough – a personal view”

Policing the Great Exhibition 1851

This blog was originally posted in August 2012 The fiasco created by G4S that has resulted in the military and police being called in to ensure security may be a blessing in disguise.  This is not the first time that London has seen a large scale event that has had the potential to threaten theContinue reading “Policing the Great Exhibition 1851”

Developing a policing college – a historical perspective

This blog was originally posted in July 2012 The development of a college that is focused on police related studies is not new, but one has to delve into American police history to identify a police college that left a legacy of professional policing the impact of which is still felt today. William J. BoppContinue reading “Developing a policing college – a historical perspective”

Aspiring to Quality Service in policing

This blog was originally posted in June 2012 In his address to the International Policing and Exhibition conference (IPEC) 1991 Sir John Woodcock stated that “the history of the [police] service shows that about every thirty or forty years the police service gets out of step with what the public now want from it”.  Sir JohnContinue reading “Aspiring to Quality Service in policing”

California States Parks Conference

This blog was originally published in March 2012 Last week I was honoured to have been a speaker and participant at the California State Parks Training  in Malibu California. The annual training is jointly organised by the California States Park Rangers Association (CSPRA) and Park Rangers Association of California (PRAC).  The two organisations work handContinue reading “California States Parks Conference”

Shake, rattle and blow your police whistle

This blog was originally posted in January 2012 I can recall joining the police in 1980 and being given a whistle as part of my uniform.  Older officers showed me how it should be worn on my tunic, but it was a part of my uniform that was simply for show.  The introduction of policeContinue reading “Shake, rattle and blow your police whistle”

Failing to plan is planning to fail – especially where a foreign language is involved

This blog was originally published in January 2012 I have always tried to follow the philosophy ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ but that saying has deeper resonance when dealing with a foreign language.  I am currently leading a number of Problem Oriented Policing projects here in Abu Dhabi.  I have been teaching hereContinue reading “Failing to plan is planning to fail – especially where a foreign language is involved”

Staring POP projects in Abu Dhabi

This blog was originally posted in January 2012 I have just finished packing for my first trip to Abu Dhabi for 2012.  I have been training for the Community Police and Police Science Institute since April of last year covering subjects such as Community Policing, Community Information and Problem Oriented Policing (POP).  I have beenContinue reading “Staring POP projects in Abu Dhabi”

Police Legitimacy

This blog was originally posted in December 2011 It is perhaps a phenomena of modern day policing that policing styles should change and community policing is a case in point.  Policing communities, working with them to identify and solve their problems has been a feature of policing around the world for many years.  The UK,Continue reading “Police Legitimacy”

Are cops becoming ‘warriors’ instead of police officers?

This blog was orginally published in November 2011 There has been a lot of speculation and comment over that last 12 months about the police use of force and whether the police are becoming too militaristic.  In the UK the police use of force is governed by legislation in the form of the Police andContinue reading “Are cops becoming ‘warriors’ instead of police officers?”