The genie is out of the bottle…

This blog was originally posted in December 2012

A few days ago I posted a blog relating to gun control in USA.  As a result a good friend of mine sent me his thoughts.  Hi thoughts were so interesting that I asked his permission to reproduce them here.  He was happy for this to be done as long as it was not attributed to him.  My friend is a serving police officer in a police force in USA.

Here are his thoughts/comments on gun control.

I inherited an antique 22 caliber single shot rifle that was owned by my great grandfather. It was manufactured in 1895.  Then I inherited my Dad’s deer rifle, he purchased it new in 1947 and I still have the original receipt from Montgomery Wards. He paid $17.   Then my brother in law gave me a 50th anniversary target pistol. He passed away a few years ago and I treasure this gift. I bought my duty weapon when they transitioned from 9mm to Glock 45. that gun saved my life, at least twice.   When we retired the 12 gauge shotguns from the PD i bought one because [my son] and I like to shoot skeet. I also bought a retired rifle.  

Does this make me a gun guy? maybe it does.  I don’t go to gun shows, don’t read gun magazines and don’t belong to the NRA. When people talk about guns I don’t have any interest. 

I can only say this, giving up these guns will not make anyone any safer. There are lots of people like me. This is a freedom we enjoy. There are 10’s of millions of guns here now. Even if the majority agreed banning guns is the solution, it is simply not doable. The genie is literally out of the bottle.  That being said, there is lots of room for regulation.

I would not object to bans on certain weapons and high capacity magazines. I think that background checks should be required for gun ownership.  Licensing and permitting seem like logical approaches. Whatever the approach one must ask, would it have prevented this? If the answer is no then the approach must be closely scrutinized.  When you analyze these cases, many of them have no record or predictable behavior.   The problem is much more complex with many contributing factors. Like I said, I think we need some kind of think tan that can anticipate acts that we have never thought of before.

I have heard some call for a ban on video games. Others want a ban on music with violent lyrics, others want to ban violent movies.  I honestly don’t know what the answer is.  Others want cops in every school.  We have 14 cops on the road and 34 schools. I doubt we are going to triple the size of the PD to accomplish this.

You are right, its classic POP [Problem Oriented Policing]. Whats being missed is the analysis. People are jumping right from the scanning to the response.

In my view these are very inciteful comments.  The media is full of stories of the development of new policies and think tanks led by Vice President Joe Bidon.  There is also a report of one school in Texas allowing teachers to carry concealked weapons (

To say that the Newtown shootings have started a moral panic is an understatement.  The next few week and months wil be interesting from a political perspective.  In the meantime, the world watches the tragic funerals of children and their teachers who went to school to learn and not to die.

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Former police superintendent. Current university lecturer, police trainer and Director of Blue Locust Network Ltd

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