The business to be in – in Abu Dhabi

This blog was originally posted in July 2012

What do they say about mad dogs and Englishmen?  Well a few days ago I decided to take a short stroll from my hotel in Abu Dhabi, the Holiday Inn, down to Mushriff Mall. This is about a 30 minute walk along a straight road. I left the hotel at about 10 am and I estimate the temperature to have been in the mid-30s C.   Within a short space of time I felt the temperature rise a few degrees, but I determined to press on.  After all it wasn’t too far!

The title of this blog is ‘The business to be in in Abu Dhabi’ has been chosen for good reason.  Throughout the 15 months that I have been coming here I am always been amazed at how well maintained and how lush the roadsides and central reservations are.   The pictures show green grass, not the thick rye grass that you get in some hot places, but a fine grass, plenty of flowers and palm trees laden with dates held in net to prevent them falling to the floor and being damaged.  So how does a country with a summer temperature the reaches 50 degrees manage to keep everything so green?

Well there are two answers.  The main answer is thousands of miles of thin plastic pip ing that carries water to the road side throughout the Emirate.  Close inspection of one of the pictures shows the piping and the plant that the water feeds.  The second answer is that teams of maintenance men can be seen tending the flora ; trimming, planting, preparing the ground.  Even in the 30 odd degree heat I passed two teams of men trimming the branches of the trees.  

Abu Dhabi has many construction large construction sites and I passed three major sites on the way to the Mall.  It seems that even during building the greenery is still maintained to provide a pleasant foreground to the cranes and trucks.  

I recently delivered training in the ‘garden city’ of Al Ain which is about an hour and a half drive though the dessert.  Throughout the journey trees and grass lined the road side and again the central reservation was festooned with well-maintained flowers and shrubs and miles and miles of plastic piping could be seen.

So I am in the process of finding out who provides the miles of plastic piping with a view to investing in the company.  As Abu Dhabi continues to spread across the desert the will be a requirement to produce and deliver enough piping to reach the moon and back.  Someone must be making a lot on money somewhere!

Miles of piping watering trees and grass
 Miles of piping watering trees and grass
Dates hanging from the trees in the central reservation
 Dates hanging from the trees in the central reservation
Lush grass that is well manicured
 Lush grass that is well manicured

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