Staring POP projects in Abu Dhabi

This blog was originally posted in January 2012

I have just finished packing for my first trip to Abu Dhabi for 2012.  I have been training for the Community Police and Police Science Institute since April of last year covering subjects such as Community Policing, Community Information and Problem Oriented Policing (POP).  I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some great trainers under the guidance of Professor Gloria Laycock.  Most of the training takes place in a classroom at one of the city centre hotels in Abu Dhabi, however, this time it will be different.

The POP In Action course has been devised by Professor Laycock and is aimed at examining real problems within communities.  I will be working with the police from Al Medhina and Al Ain and we will be working through the renowned problem SARA model SARA (Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment) real time.  The projects are spread over three two week periods and each time the group of policemen and women will be set tasks to gather and analyse information, identify and contact relevant partners and the community and to start to solve the prioritised problems.

This is a great opportunity to actually try to engage with the police on a practical level and demonstrate the value of POP to both the community and the police.  In preparation I have been re-visiting Professor Herman Goldstein’s seminal book ‘Problem oriented Policing’ and I have been trying to keep up with the reading material that Gloria has been sending!

We know from the planning that this is going to be quite a challenge and will call for great flexibility from all concerned, but I am confident that we will see it through and end up with a positive result in the end.

As the days go by I will update progress via my web site and where possible will include video and pictures.  

Here’s hoping for a safe journey and successful project. Inshallah

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Former police superintendent. Current university lecturer, police trainer and Director of Blue Locust Network Ltd

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